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Welcome to Asu! We are a small and friendly Light RP and casual PvE Warcraft Guild based on the European server - The Sha'tar.

We have one primary aim: The fun of the game and the company we keep!

In the world of Azeroth - Asu is a collection of hard working and honest individuals and as such accept any from all walks of life, no matter perhaps darker pasts or deeds committed which you would attempt to atone through your future conduct. Our view is one of integrity and a passion for getting the job done; there is an almost mercenary like feel to the group as a whole. However, should you choose to stray from that path, to choose to exploit the weak or abuse the laws of our land for your own gain – you will find no home here.

From a PvE perspective, we are a small group, numbering but a loose handful of players that want to eventually progress to some of the more challenging content that the game has to offer. For the time being our aim is to concentrate on levelling through quests and dungeons until we gain more members and a greater level of experience.

Contact: Arishael, Goldnsantana, Punwicket, Jynnx or myself - Develin in-game for further details.

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We're moving!

mooel, May 23, 10 12:15 PM.
Yep we're moving hosts - Whilst this is a nice host, the admin is real easy to work with here, following on from the problems we've had I've done some research and chosen another provider.  It will take some time to get everything looking and working right - But in principle the site is now live.

You will need to register I am afraid, there should be a link on the left hand-side that says 'Apply', click on that and away you go.  I will try and make it as smooth as possible and provide you all with a code in-game so you get automatically accepted, but please bear with me as it all gets under way!

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